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                «...I do not know how to defeat others.

               All I know how is the path to defeat myself...»

hagakure. Yamamoto Tsunetomo


The Virtual Gallery of CirilO is a combination of Colors and Digits to move the beauty of the encircling
Creation of Nature, completed in original canvas and
UV-resistant publication inks…


CONCEPT: Virtual Gallery of Decorating, Active Art, Interior Architecture and Texture Sculpting;

VITAL DIRECTION: Decorating Painting Art – individual technique, made by using latex-based
acrylic paint in three primary colors ONLY! with the extension of a white tone on the wall, canvas,
plastic, paper, latex, and other surfaces using paintbrushes,
brushes, and production + construction of a high-quality digital copy.


MOTTO: the feelings of the Moment - the moment of the Feelings!

Artist Statement:

Born in Vinnitsa, USSR, inhabits and acts in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

A sense of virgin incentive was first received from the coffee scient of hot chocolate on the cobbled streets of Tallinn at the “baltic” wanderings. Floral rose smell, mingling with the white currant berries cake fragrance was transferred to the Riga Scandinavian-meal-buffet and to the exhibitions of ceramics of majolica in Tallinn...

Education took place "on the street" and at the related time, in the early and mid-80s, enhanced friends of creative radicals and music fans. The "rock’and’roll-new-paganism" dived headlong, drawing out the geometry of Vasarely with Escher’s infinity in Dali's amazing dream... Renoir's wind hovered in Monroe’s locks of Andy Warhol. On the desk usually were flowers and vine, water lilies Monet and Jan of Modigliani and on the wall of the disco-dancing of the central park were Pollack's gags with the transparency of the sea and the brilliance of Aivazovsky's waves, inspired with the naivety of the land-mother of Pryimachenko…

The fundamental experience of decorating was obtained during the summer/autumn of 1983 until spring/summer 1984 by performing, repairs and painting works of own living room with oil-paints and water emulsion colors, produced by the USSR.

Far from 1983 to the present day – as the practical experience of a gardener, painter and painter-decorator to the "successor" direction of painting by own life...

The initial working experience of the gardener, graphic design, watercolor painting, flower-growing, garden art, landscape architecture, as well as higher education (engineer-specialist of garden and park construction) received at the L’viv Forestry University, 1987-1997, mentor and curator of diploma Professor Zhyrnov A.D.

2005... 2008 grinding useful abilities of graphics and growing skills in the vision of coloristic when was studying at the art studio of the Vinnitsa Paint School.

Alias: "Kiril" - generic name Kirilyuk; "O" is in honor of Grandfather Emelian (Ukrainian: Omelyan), who called me Vadim.

In 2006, began qualifying the "eternal student" at KLC School Of Design and fitted an associate member of BIID, London, as a student.

Exhibition of achievements to the outside world was from 2007 at www.mydeco.com, but the current version as a roomstyler.com/users/cyril-o-virtartgallery, earning for the survival thanks to exclusive consultations on landscape architecture, renovation, interior design, sketch projects of acoustic home systems, the manufacture of author's shelving, shelves of wood in the last 20 years ...

From 2007 to 2017, bicycling around the area (before 1000 km in the spring-autumn season) with a mass experience of more than 5,000 photos (a small part of them - roomstyler.com/users/cyril-o-virtartgallery)

From 09 February 2019 agreed, and quite successfully completed in the actualities of the present moment, the invitation of the artist Natali Shvets to together build the Virtual Gallery KirilO. Common assistance and mutual activity marked the beginning of a novel stage of active painting and inventive venture of The Painting Paint Art of CyrilO.

KirilO (CyrilO) is an eccentric and strange individualist, #selfmademan, expressing the "old school" generation of rebels, pretenders and radicals.

Modern with experimental directions of the internal & external world, the vector of the imperfection of the essence of the subject

With respect,

Forever Your KirilO

(Vadik V. Kirilyuk)